About us

London Technology Services is your full-service IT provider. We have over 30 years of experience and offer a wide variety of IT and IT-related services to homes and businesses across the country.

We have expert level knowledge of infrastructure and server management, helpdesk support for servers and workstations, and support for all things Windows and Microsoft Office. We can also help set up your network, no matter how simple or complex.

We also specialize in software development and can build anything from custom websites all the way to N-Tier Enterprise-level applications and everything in between. Mobile applications, websites, database applications and more, all hosted in industry leading data-centers around the globe. If you're struggling to streamline or automate a process, we can design and build a custom software solution for you.

It's important for every organization to have a data retention and recovery strategy and we offer support for that, as well. We can help you create your policy and even work through implementing it for you. In the unfortunate scenario where data loss occurs- due to a virus, ransomware or hardware failure - we can help get your data back in as little time as possible and create an action plan to prevent it from happening again.

We are also passionate about making technology accessible and exciting to everyone and have worked with folks from 4 to 84. We enjoy teaching people how to best utilize their technology. That's right, we answer "how do I get my smartphone/laptop/tablet to do this" questions regularly. Technology should empower you to do more, not leave you feeling frustrated or defeated.

We stay on top of the latest developments in the industry so we can offer our clients the best service possible. And because we enjoy it.

No matter your technology needs, interests or skills, we're here to help.

Corporate Responsibility

In addition to donating our time and services to local non-profits, We designate a portion of all our proceeds for charity.